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Downtime Dollars Frequently Asked Questions

These are FAQs for people who haven't used Downtime Dollars yet. We also have a FAQ for Downtime Dollars users who want to get more detailed answers about how certain things work in the app.

What is Downtime Dollars?

Downtime Dollars is a mobile app that lets you earn money by completing simple, fun interactive games, quizzes and videos.

Why does Downtime Dollars exist?

Your time is precious. It’s your greatest, most valuable asset. We created Downtime Dollars to help you make that time count. Everyday you are online, someone is profiting from your time. Tracking you. Interrupting you with ads. Downtime Dollars wants you to be compensated for the attention you choose to give advertisers. It’s that simple.

Is this some behind-the-scenes trickery to make money off me?

Nope. Advertisers want your attention. Instead of annoying you with interruptive ads, brands that advertise on Downtime Dollars respect you and value your time. That’s why you’re compensated for it. Simple as that.

Where can I get Downtime Dollars?

The Downtime Dollars mobile app is free, and available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android.

What do I have to do in the app to earn money with Downtime Dollars?

The Downtime Dollars app features fun and engaging experiences designed to give you a voice and allow you to provide valuable feedback in return for earning some cash. Some of the Interactive content formats you may experience include selecting a favorite of two images, answering a simple multiple choice question or viewing and rating a short video.

How much money can I earn on the app?

We know people love to earn money with Downtime Dollars! The total amount available each time you enter the app will vary week to week, so check back often as new experiences are added regularly.

How are my earnings tracked?

As you accumulate earnings in the app, they are tracked and displayed at the top of your main Downtime Dollars Feed, as well as in your profile information on the Earnings screen. To find the Earnings screen, simply tap on the earnings meter at the top of the Downtime Dollars Feed screen.

How do I spend my earnings?

Earnings may be cashed in each time you reach a threshold of $5. At this earnings milestone, you will be prompted to choose from any of the qualified gift cards in the Downtime Dollars network, resulting in immediate delivery to a designated email address. Gift cards over $25 will take 1-3 business days to be approved, and users can only cash out one time in a 24 hour period. The list of available gift cards can be found by tapping ‘View Available Cards’ on the Earnings screen.

What information do I need to provide Downtime Dollars to earn and redeem gift cards?

When you initially download and open the app, you’ll be asked to provide and verify your mobile telephone number. This allows us to ensure the proper app security and authenticate your account. You may occasionally receive notifications of upcoming content and/or product-related promotions.

A first name, last name, and email address are required for digital gift card delivery. Downtime Dollars cares about keeping this information secure and private, and will not share your information with any 3rd parties.

Are there any restrictions to how I spend my gift cards?

There are typically no purchase requirements to be aware of when using your gift card, however Downtime Dollars urges you to review the specific terms and conditions provided by each retail partner. These terms and conditions may be found in the app during the card selection process, as well as within the email when the gift card is delivered. Gift cards are treated like cash at the store you’ve chosen and should be safeguarded!

Do the gift cards expire?

Once delivered to you, gift cards have no expiration dates and should be treated as cash.

Are there any restrictions to using the Downtime Dollars app?

To use the Downtime Dollars app, you must be at least 13 years of age, and provide a valid US-based mobile phone number during account registration.

How can I change my password for the Downtime Dollars app?

You can change your password on the app login screen. If you need to change the phone number associated with your app, we ask that you contact Downtime Dollars support.

Who should I contact if I have questions or issues with my Downtime Dollars app?

For additional assistance with the Downtime Dollars app functionality or if you have questions regarding app behavior, in-app earnings, or gift card delivery, please contact us.